What damage are you responsible for?

As a LifeX member, what you are on the hook for and what can be taken out of your deposit.

While living at LifeX properties

  1. You are liable to any damage due to your intentional acts or gross negligence in any of the LifeX properties
  2. If you break or damage something intentionally in a LifeX property- full value of replacement or repair
    1. Eg: holes in the wall, scratches and chips on the desk, scratches on the floor
  3. If you were being negligent which resulted in something breaking or being damaged- full value of replacement/ repair/ cleaning
    1. This includes stains on the bed/mattress, common furniture, walls or linens as a result of eating/drinking on the furniture, eg: bed.
    2. This also includes any damages caused while intoxicated
  4. If you invite someone over to a LifeX property and they cause any above damage or destroy anything- full value of replacement/repair/cleaning.

When you move out of your LifeX apartment

  1. You are responsible for leaving your room in the same condition that you found it
    1. If you paint your room- full cost of having it repainted
    2. If you make holes in the walls and don’t cover them properly again - full cost of covering them
    3. If there are any stains/rips on the bedding- the cost of getting it replaced and/or cleaned
  2. Leaving anything of yours in the kitchen behind when you move out- €60
  3. Leaving anything of yours in the bathroom behind when you move out- €60
  4. Leaving anything of yours in your room behind when you move out- €60
  5. If you lose your key - €150 for the cost of changing the locks
  6. Your deposit will be refunded to you when you provide proof (screenshot/receipt) of you changing your address away from LifeX.

What you are NOT responsible for

  1. Normal wear and tear on any furniture, equipment, machines, furnishings is covered by LifeX.
  2. Any accidental breakage of kitchen items that are under €30 (glasses, plates chipping, etc) since that can happen to anyone.

Please note: your deposit will only be released once you change your address away from LifeX (can be done easily online) and provide us with an account we can transfer it to.