How do I use Slack?

Here is a quick overview of how LifeX SLACK works:

  1. Channels: These are marked by (#) and are different established groups, with different purposes. This can be shared hobbies, events, house channel, etc.

There are various channels that you will be a part of automatically:

  • #general - This group has all Lifex members in all countries - Always a nice gesture to write a quick “hi” to everyone 
  • #random - You can share and see random info here
  • #roomswaps- Want to get away for a weekend? You can use this channel to swap rooms with other LifeX members in our various cities. You take their room, they take yours, buy your plane ticket, and viola!
  • #Berlin_events - This is where LifeX crew post upcoming events or other interesting happenings in Berlin

Make sure to add yourself to the following:

  • #[apartment name] - It will have the name of your apartment and this is where you can greet your future housemates
  • # [Your city] to get all the details on what’s going on in your new home city

You are also able to create your own channels by clicking the + sign next to “channel” in the left menu bar

2. Direct messages: This is if you want to write to people directly (kind of like Whatsapp or facebook messenger). Just click on the + next to “Direct messages”

Also important about SLACK is to fill out your own profile, including a photo of yourself, so members can see who you are