Who takes out trash & recycling?

Cleaners take out trash on cleaning days. If the trash can is full outside of those days, please take it down to the courtyard into designated trash containers.

More about trash

In most property buildings in Copenhagen, there are big containers in the courtyard where both recycling and trash gets thrown out. These are usually green or brown in color and have pictures to show what goes where.

This is all the non-recyclable items and they get thrown out in simple containers marked as “affald” which in Danish means “trash”. It is important not to mix trash with recycling bins.


Each LifeX property has designated containers where you can sort your recycling waste - these are emptied by the cleaners. Most often there are separated bins for paper, carton, glass, metal, hard plastic (pant), electric devices, battery pot, and bio. Most important type of recycling is that with 'Pant' written on it - these are items we can receive money back for.

Please note: If you are recycling an item that has touched food please wash appropriately before putting it in the recycling. 

Tip: when throwing big objects out, please make sure to break or fold them into smaller piece(s). This will give more space for the others in the whole building to recycle more as well, and you can be more “green”. The recycling bins are removed once in a while depending on the property management, most typically every week.