LifeX membership contract details and how to terminate it?

LifeX rental contracts are rolling contracts until the termination notice is given. This means each month you will receive one invoice from LifeX to pay your 'membership fee', which is your all inclusive price for staying with LifeX. (ie. you will not ever need to handle utility bills, wifi, rent etc., it is all included in this monthly membership fee). This monthly invoice will continue until the termination notice has been given.  

To terminate, please provide your official move out date through our member platform

Please note: You have to be at LifeX for two months minimum. You can terminate your membership at any time with one month notice as long as it is before the last day of the previous month you wish to move out. For example, if you would like to end January 31st, then the notice should be given before December 31st.