What should I know when moving out of LifeX?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when moving out of LifeX:

  • Register your move out date: Please register your move out date. Read more about it here.
  • Leave the room in as perfect state as possible: This is important for the swift and frictionless return of the deposit (see below).
  • Changing your address after LifeX: Please send a proof to Bolette at bolette@joinlifex.com that you have changed your address (if you moved into a new place) or have de-registered (if you have left Denmark). This can be done on www.borger.dk
  • Deposit: Upon inspection of the room and proof of change of address (see move out question) we'll return your deposit within 1 month. If the room has been returned in the same state as it was given to you, you'll receive the full deposit amount. In case there are any damages found, we'll deduct them from the deposit. Read more about it here.