What should I know before moving in?

Here's a quick rundown of things to be aware of before moving into LifeX Paris:

  • Move-in time: Please make sure to provide the LifeX Paris team with your exact move-in date and time. Move-ins are possible on weekdays between 3PM-8PM. Once you know your arrival date and time, please SLACK this information to your community manager. 
  • 📱Community communication: Most of the LifeX community communication happens over Slack. You can join the community here. Please make sure to join your apartment channel. Read more here.
  • 🏠 Address: Make sure to register your new address. Read more here.
  • 📜 Code of conduct: LifeX community thrives when we respect each other's privacy and are diligent about hygiene. Please read more about our guidelines here.
  • 👪 Visitors: LifeX is your home so of course you can have visitors coming over. Please read more about our visitor guidelines here.