How do I join and participate in the LifeX community?


At LifeX we use something called Slack for all internal communication. Just follow the link below and download the app. It is always best to download Slack on your phone and laptop and activate the Slack notifications so you do not miss any important messages from your housemates and the LifeX crew.
There are a few other important things to do in Slack: 
  1. You'll automatically join #general channel. This is a LifeX global channel that has members from all LifeX cities.
  2. Add some details about yourself (photo, description, phone number, email) so others can get to know you
  3. Join your house #channel (You click on the + sign next to the word Channel and write in the name of your apartment)
  4. Join the main Berlin channel called #berlin
  5. Join the channel called #events (This is where the LifeX crew posts all upcoming events)
  6. Say 'Hi' to your housemates by sending them a nice message in the channel group :)
  7. Be sure to join the #roomswaps channel where you can connect with LifeX members from other cities. Interested in visiting Paris? See if anyone from Paris would like to swap rooms with you for a weekend.
  8. Feel free to spend some time exploring and joining other channels.

Do you have questions about the apartment, the location, LifeX, house events, or anything else? Now you know how to get an answer! So, see you there!

Have any community ideas?

In case you have any ideas on how to further help improve the LifeX community please feel free to reach out directly to our Berlin team. You can email Joanna, our Community Manager,