What are member guidelines?

Code of Conduct

It is important for you to believe in this Code of Conduct to be part of LifeX. Most of the rules are common knowledge, but because everyone comes from all over the world, it’s important that everyone is on the same page with this kind of stuff. They help us build a community that is rooted in kindness, understanding and mutual respect. Let’s get to it!

I believe in...

  • Being a cool dude/dudette 
  • Participating in activities and engaging with my housemates 
  • Helping my housemates and being there for them 
  • Understanding the rhythm of the house, shower and cooking times 
  • Cleaning after myself and leaving common areas as I found them for others to use 
  • Being mindful of noise in the common areas after 10:30 PM on weeknights and 12:00 AM on weekends
  • Taking care of LifeX property and items, as if they were my own 
  • Being responsible for the guests I invite to the house and getting an OK from all members of the house.
  • Informing the LifeX team about guests that stay longer than five days - this results in a community contribution fee of 80€ per guest (for common/ shared supplies)

I won’t...

  • Be an asshole 
  • Steal. Take anything that doesn't belong to me without asking 
  • Smoke or do drugs inside the house (That includes smoking through an open window. Smoking is only allowed outdoors, on balconies, terraces or yards)
  • Do laundry after 10 PM- that is, no running machines after 10 PM 
  • Have long shower at rush hour before work 
  • Leave lights on in the house, I believe in sustainability 
  • Leave dirty items or food leftovers in common areas 
  • Leave the bathroom dirty after use (no hair, pee or other things visible to others) 
  • Move common area furniture and supplies into my own room since it impacts others 
  • Have sleeping guests over for more than two weeks 
  • Use the vacant rooms in the apartment where no one is living yet (even for guests!)

Hard rules at LifeX - Unacceptable Behaviour

We care about your wellbeing and happiness! LifeX has therefore incorporated a complaint form system, so if you are unsatisfied or unhappy with anything in the house or with your flatmates, then there is a complaint form that you can fill out. You can find it here. If somebody gets a complaint, the LifeX team will take necessary actions to assess the seriousness of the issue. Based on the seriousness of the issue, LifeX has the right to either deliver a warning or to terminate their contract. Valid complaints are based on LifeX’s hard rules:

  • Continuously leaving the kitchen or bathroom messy/dirty
  • Not respecting no-noise rules after designated hours
  • Doing drugs or smoking inside the house
  • Disrespecting housemates
  • Stealing
  • Not respecting the guest rules
  • Using vacant rooms not currently lived in by anyone

How does LifeX determine if a complaint is valid? LifeX will take necessary measures to address complaints including speaking to the person filing the complaint and to the person the complaint is about, while respecting anonymity.