Read the full LifeX Code of Conduct & Anti Harassment Policy here.

β›” Hard Rules

Below are hard LifeX rules that everyone must follow. In case these rules are not followed by housemates, please point these rules out to them and if that doesn’t help, contact LifeX via the app and we’ll step in to assess the course of action.

Breach of these rules can lead to warnings and even contract termination.

  • β›‘ Threatening Safety: Threatening the safety of others and disobeying the Anti Harassment Policy is not tolerated at LifeX.

  • πŸ™… Stealing/ Illegal Activity: Stealing flatmates' or LifeX property is not tolerated. Any illegal activity is prohibited and will be dealt with seriously.

  • 🚭 Smoking/Drugs: No drugs or smoking inside the house or out of windows is tolerated.

  • ✨ Cleanliness:
    Cleanliness is super important as most of our members indicate cleanliness as the most important aspect of showing mutual respect in co-living.
    🧼 Continuously leaving the kitchen, common areas, or bathroom(s) messy/dirty is not tolerated. Rule of thumb: leave it as clean as you found it.
    🍽 Do not leave dirty dishes or garbage in common areas - this includes any hair, pee and other leftovers in the bathrooms or showers, as well as dirty dishes or crumbs left in the kitchen sink and countertops.
    πŸ—‘ Garbage is an important aspect of the cleanliness in the home. We ask all members to sort the garbage properly, and in the event the trash piles up in between housekeeping visits, members are responsible for taking care of this themselves - not letting it overflow. Housekeeping will not take care of the overflow.
    πŸ‘Ÿ LifeX is also a no street-shoe zone, remove these upon entering any LifeX home.

  • πŸ’” Broken/Damaged/Lost items: Any damaged/broked or lost LifeX property must be reported to LifeX ASAP via the app. Incurred fees may apply.

  • β›Ί Guests: Everyone must follow the LifeX Guests Policy. More info here.

  • πŸ“£ Noise: All members must be mindful of noise in the common areas after 10:00PM on weeknights and 12:00AM on weekends. In Germany, it is not permitted to make noise after 10:00PM all nights of the week, and there is zero tolerance for any disturbances on Sundays.

  • β›” Vacant rooms: Use of vacant rooms not currently occupied by anyone is not tolerated. They always need to be in top shape and clean for upcoming members.


πŸ‘ LifeX SHARE member guidelines

Below is our set of guidelines that we've observed work great to make our LifeX homes work as best as possible. We call them SHARE πŸ˜‰ Hopefully, most of the rules are common sense, but it’s important that everyone is on the same page. We're constantly working on making this better and any feedback is super helpful.

  • S - ✨ Shine: Promptly clean after yourself in the shared areas to keep them nice and shiny. It's especially important to always keep your kitchen and bathrooms as clean as possible after use (for example: there should never be any leftovers or dirty dishes in the kitchen, no hair or other leftovers in the bathrooms).

  • H - πŸ•― Hygge: Feel free to make your home "hyggelig". Share candle lights, warm dinners, wine and laughs with your roommates and guests.

  • A - πŸ’¬ Align: Align expectations and communicate with your housemates. For example communicate about the cooking activities and let each other know when you have guests (remember: if you're cooking or have guests over please always promptly clean after yourself).

  • R - πŸ™ Respect: Respect each other and each other’s property. Respect each other in terms of sharing the kitchen and bathroom areas (for example: don't have too long showers at rush hour before work or make loud noise after 10PM). Always let your housemates know when you have guests over. Also please treat with respect any LifeX or cleaning staff that comes into your home.

  • E - πŸŽ‰ Enjoy: Enjoy each other’s company and embrace the differences. Assume good intentions.

πŸ™‹ How to report a breach of LifeX rules?
In case of consistent breaches of these rules, please contact LifeX via our app chat for the quickest response) or at [email protected]. LifeX will take necessary measures to address complaints including speaking to the person filing the complaint and to the persons the complaint is about while respecting anonymity.

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