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What is the membership fee?

Your LifeX membership fee is what you pay every month. This is more than merely a room rent, and therefore we don’t call it a “LifeX rent.” Your LifeX membership, besides the room,  includes all the house services, the maintenance service, the community and the flexibility of living with LifeX. For example, you will not ever need to handle utility bills, wifi, rent etc., it is all included in this monthly membership fee.

Does LifeX own the apartments?

No, we lease all our apartments from private or commercial landlords. We take over big and beautiful apartments that are nowadays often empty (because they've become financially out of reach for single families). We then redesign them to fit our co-living concept.

How does LifeX calculate membership fees?

Our membership fee calculation is pretty simple. We sum up all the cost that it takes us to operate each apartment and then divide them by all potential residents of the apartment: 

  • 🏡 The rent & deposit we pay to the landlord
  • 🚰 Utility, internet and Netflix bills
  • Cleaning
  • Shared supplies
  • 🛋 Furniture, plants, equipment, accessories, etc.
  • LifeX fee (up to 15%):  This fee helps us pay for the apartment maintenance team, organize community events and run a long-term healthy business.

For you, as members, all this is of course invisible. You pay one invoice, every month. But we wanted to share with you what goes on behind the scenes to give you a better understanding of what makes up the final amount of your membership fee. 

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