Almost all of the LifeX community communication happens through our Slack channels. It is therefore important to get on it. You can join the community here

Here is a quick overview of how LifeX Slack works:

  1. Channels: These are marked by (#) and are different established groups, with different purposes. This can be shared hobbies, events, house channel, etc. In case you would like to start a LifeX group around a hobby you are also able to create your own channels by clicking the + sign next to “channel” in the left menu bar.

  2. Direct messages: Use direct messages if you want to write to people directly (kind of like Whatsapp or facebook messenger). Just click on the + next to “Direct messages”

There are a few other important things to do in Slack:  

  1. 🌎 You'll automatically join the #general channel. This is a LifeX global channel that has members from all LifeX cities.

  2. 🙋 Add some details about yourself (photo, description, phone number, email) so others can get to know you.

  3. 🏡 Join your house channel (You click on the + sign next to the word Channel and write in the name of your apartment). Say 'Hi' to your housemates by sending them a nice message in the channel group :)

How to join city specific Slack channels:

  1. 🧜 Copenhagen: #cph_general, #cph_events, #cph_membermove (+ many other channels)

  2. 🐻 Berlin: #ber_general, #ber_events, #ber_membermove

  3. 🍻 Munich: #munich_general, #munich_events, #munich_membermove

  4. 🎠 Vienna: #vienna_general, #vienna_events, #vienna_membermove 

  5. 🍷 Paris: #paris_general, #paris_events, #paris_membermove

  6. 💂 London: #lon_general, #lon_event, #lon_membermove

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