The LifeX apartment is your home, and a place all members should care for. When our members solve simple issues, it makes us happy, as its a sign that they care.

How to report an issue

If there is a bigger and more complicated issue, then we have made it very easy to submit and track using the member app


If there is a fire, a water leak, or any situation that could put members at risk, please don't hesitate to use the emergency button in the app. Even at night if needed. However please note, it's not an emergency to run out of wine 😀🍷

🛠 Non-emergencies

  1. In the support section of the app, you see a list of all the apartment issues.

  2. To create a new issue, click "New issue" and open a new chat window.

  3. Describe the issue as well as you can, with enough details that our ops team can easily understand the problem. 

  4. Attaching an image can be very helpful to understand the details and resolve the issue quicker. (Example: Seeing the socket of a broken bulb can make it very easy for the ops team to solve.) 

  5. You will be able to monitor the progress of the issue in the app and get a notification once there is news on the issue.

    Please remember to manually mark an issue resolved if you have fixed it yourself or if there is no longer a problem.  

What type of issues can the operations team help with:

  • If there is something missing, or broken in the apartment.

What type of issues can the operations team not help with:

  • Moving furniture around in your private room (of course they would gladly help if they are in the apartment, but they can't come to the apartment just for that)

⏱How fast are issues resolved?

  • It depends on the type of issue and how many issues has been reported.
    Very critical issues like water leaks must be reported and will be addressed very quickly.

    Generally we prioritize issues that are critical for the everyday life and the wellbeing first.

    In some cases we need to involve the apartment owner, landlord etc. in such cases we will take the conversation, but it may take us longer to solve.

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