🌱 What's it like to live in LifeX?

In short, pretty awesome. After all, we created LifeX for ourselves. Want to have social time? You can do that. Need some more space for yourself? Of course, you can do that too. We welcome extroverts and introverts. The layouts of our apartments ensure that there is always plenty of space for you to recede to. The community is our top priority, so we have several events for our members to participate in including board game nights and dinners. 

You can also read what our existing members think of LifeX on Trustpilot.

🌍 Who can live in LifeX, and where do the members come from?

LifeX members come from all over the world and a big range of professions. In all, we have 50+ nationalities with occupations ranging from tech, consulting, art, teaching, etc. Most members are between 25-40 yrs age, but we don't discriminate based on age. We love diversity and promote environments where members get to experience different perspectives.

💵 How much does living in LifeX cost?

Monthly rent
The monthly price depends on the city, the apartment, and room size.

You can see all our available rooms including the price here. All prices are all-inclusive.

We try to minimize deposits to make moving into LifeX as frictionless as possible. Deposits vary from city to city in the range of €1 - €1.5k.

We ask you to prepay the last month's rent when you join LifeX. This means that as soon as you give your one-month move-out notice, we know what your last month will be and this month will already be paid for.

👌 What is included in the price?

Our prices are all-inclusive so you only need to pay one fixed amount each month for housing and don't need to worry about anything else. The price includes:

  • 🏡 The rent
  • 🚰 Utilities, Wi-Fi, Disney Plus, and Netflix subscriptions
  • ✨ Cleaning service for both the shared space and your private room. Note: cleaning frequency may vary depending on the cities.
  • ☕ Shared supplies (household items you generally share with your housemates like hand soap, toilet paper, laundry detergent, salt, pepper, cooking oil, etc.

🗓️ What is the minimum stay?

Our minimum stay is three months. However, this may vary from city to city. Of course, there is no upper limit - you can stay as long as you want!

📜 Do your contracts always start on the first of the month?

No, we can start your contract on any day of the month and your first month will be prorated (if you join on the 15th of the month, you will only need to pay for those days of the month that you are actually renting). Let us know what day you would like to move-in in your application and our team will let you know what the possibilities are.

📇 Can I use LifeX as my permanent address?

Yes, you can use it as a permanent address (CPR registration in Denmark, Anmeldung in Germany, etc.).

🙋 What's expected of me?

LifeX is a co-living community, so please treat the place like your home, keeping it tidy and clean. We expect everyone to respect other members and their property. Each new member is asked to accept our member guidelines before moving into LifeX - you can check them out here.

📞 What's the application process?

After you have signed up, you can schedule a call with our team for a short video or phone call. This call is meant to get to know you a bit better, see if LifeX would be a good fit and vice versa, and answer any questions you might have. Our team can also help you to decide which room or apartment would fit you the best. Once approved, you sign a digital contract and get the initial invoice which is due in 1 week.

🏡 How big are LifeX apartments?

Most of our apartments are around 300-350 m2 with a few around 200 m2. Each has a beautiful kitchen and a big living room area, giving you plenty of space to hang out. All the locations have laundry facilities inside the apartment.

🛌 How big are the private rooms?

Typical room range for single:

  • Basic/Basic+: 7-10 msq
  • Regular: 10-12 msq
  • Mighty: 12-15 msq
  • Jumbo: 15> msq

Typical room range for couples:

  • Regular: 18-20
  • Mighty: 20-23 msq
  • Jumbo: 23> msq

🛋️ What furniture is included?

All our apartments are completely furnished, both the shared spaces as well as the private rooms.

Shared space
The shared space typically has a big living room and a kitchen with a dining area. In the living room, you can expect a cozy area with a TV to hang out together and watch films. The kitchen will be fully equipped and often has a dining area attached.

Private room
Single rooms come standardly with a 140 x 200 cm bed, bedside table with reading light, a desk with desk lamp and a big closet with hanging space and drawers (note: some rooms below 8sqm come with a 120 x 200 cm bed and some of them might not fit a desk). Couple rooms will come with a 180 x 200 cm bed and double the closet space of a single room.

Our rooms are decorated and ready to move in with just your suitcase, which means that there will be duvets, sheets, and towels in the room and the room will be made cozy with some artwork or sometimes a comfortable chair.

Utensils and accessories
We try to provide as many standard accessories as possible, so you don't have to worry or bring anything when you move in. From kitchen appliances to utensils, cutlery, vases, mixers, toast machines, plates, pans, cups, hairdryers, steam irons, and more.

👪 How many people live in each LifeX apartment?

Depending on the size of the apartment, there are 4 to 8 people in each house, meaning that each member typically has around 40-50m2 of total space. Each member has their own furnished room

🔍 Can I see the room before I move in?

We would love for you to see the room before moving in, but we also want to provide privacy to our current members. That's why we take pictures of all the rooms that are available for you to see in our room system before moving and our team will be able to answer any question you might still have. This way we can help you choose just the right apartment and room for you.

We can guarantee you a high-quality standard across all our apartments. We select our apartments carefully and all are furnished in the same beautiful Nordic style, so the pictures in our gallery should give you a general feeling of how a typical apartment might look like. You can also see photos of exact apartments here.

🛄 When I arrive, when can I move in?

In Copenhagen, you can move in on any day in the week as we are using a key sharing service, which will enable you to pick up your key with a personal code.

For the other cities, you can let our team know what day you would prefer to move in, and we will try to facilitate that.

Please note that the move-in date might vary from the contract start date (which is usually the start of the month).

🐈 Can I have a pet in LifeX?

We love pets, but unfortunately, we don't have any pet-friendly apartments available at the moment.

👭 Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/sister etc. visit and stay over?

This is your home, so you can have guests come over. You just have to give heads up to others in your apartment, so they are not surprised. Also, if the duration of a temporary stay is longer than 5 days, then let us know, and we will take it on a case by case basis.

🍻 What about my friends who want to come over for dinner?

You are welcome to invite friends over for lunch, dinner, etc. as long as your housemates are okay with it. Just give others a heads up and be mindful of the noise after 10 pm. You can always take the fun to a general area with closed doors or take it to the bar.

🔀 Can I quickly move between different LifeX apartments?

Yes! The flexibility of living is one of the things we strive for here at LifeX. Want to live in a different neighborhood? Sure, you can quickly move to a new LifeX apartment. Want to live in a new city? LifeX is probably the simplest way to move to a new city, make friends and feel like home. Once you're a LifeX member, you can always see all available rooms in different cities and schedule a move with a few clicks.

🙅 What are the membership termination policies?

You can terminate your membership at any time with one-month notice as long as it is before the end of the previous month. For example, if you would like to end January 31st, then the notice should be given before the end of December. You can move out on any day of the month, but keep in mind that the membership always ends on the last day of the month.

🤷 Got more questions?

Feel free to ping us via email ([email protected]) or sign up here and ask us anything you'd like during the call!

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