What are LifeX member guidelines (or code of conduct)?

We have a set of standard guidelines to ensure cleanliness and respectful fun community across LifeX apartments. You can read them here.

Services seem to be missing from the contract (cleaning, shared supplies etc). Why is that?

The above LifeX services are outside the standard rental agreements. That said, all services are provided as stated in all our communication (website, email communication etc.). We value member experience above everything else and breaking these promises would be a basic breach of trust for us.

Is council tax included?

Yes it is!

Is deposit fully refundable?

Yes, we return the whole deposit amount as long as the room is left in the same state as when you have moved in. You can read more about which damages you are responsible for and which not here.

What are the contract policies?

  1. A signed contract is needed to hold a room. You have 48 hours to review and sign the contract - if we don't hear from you during that time we will cancel the contract and the room will be available for other applicants.

  2. Membership starts on the date stated on the contract and not based on arrival dates.

What is the right to rent check?

To be compliant with English law, we must ensure that all tenants can legally rent residential property in England. For EU citizens, a photo of your passport suffices. If you hold a non-EU citizenship, we will additionally need documents proving you right to reside in the UK (work permit, residency permit, or visa, etc).

You can read more about what documents can be provided for this here:

My company is paying for (part of) my stay, how does this work?

If your company is paying for your stay at LifeX, or for a part of it, we have the possibility to send invoices to your contact person directly. However, you do remain personally responsible for the rental agreement and have to sign the contract in your name. The city requires you to register yourself on the address that you are living and for this you need a proof of residence in the shape of a rental contract in your name.

  • If you are working for a LifeX partner company (ie. if you have signed up via your company’s LifeX landing page, then this means your company is partnered with LifeX and we will already have made arrangements for how invoices should be taken care of with your hiring manager/HR).

  • If you don’t work for a LifeX partner company (ie. you signed up normally through our website), but still have arrangements for your company to cover part/all of your invoices, then have your manager/HR reach out to our team on [email protected].

For questions and answers about invoices, payments and standard policies, you can have a look here.

Do you have other questions? Then let our team know! We'd be happy to answer any question you might still have.

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