Dear Copenhagen members,

  • The linen change happens every two weeks. One day before the scheduled linen change day for your apartment, you will receive a notification on your LifeX app as a reminder.

  • You need to remove the linens from your bed and place them and your towels in the blue/red β€œBerendsen” bag before 10 am on the day of linen change, usually, it's a Thursday/Friday. See below for a picture of the bag.

  • Our external linen provider, Berendsen, will come to your apartment and pick up the dirty linens on Friday. The reason why some members need to remove it on Thursdays is that our housekeepers will only be able to hand out new linens and sort out the bags on their scheduled cleaning days on Thursday.

  • Please pay attention to the instructions and do not forget to take them out. Otherwise, your linens will not be changed.

  • The housekeepers will change all your bedsheets, linens, pillowcases and provide you with one big and one small towel after you took out the dirty linens. These items were calculated and brought to your apartment during a separate trip by Berendsen every other Friday.

  • Therefore, please do not take extra linen/towels in between the linen-changes.

  • If you do take extra linens, there will not be enough clean linens for your roommates or new members moving in before the next linen change.

  • The extra linen/towels in the apartment are solely reserved for new check-ins.

  • Please kindly be aware that LifeX is working with an external service provider to supply clean linens, and mistakes could happen due to technical or human errors on any side. Nonetheless, we will do our best to provide you a good service 😊

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