Plus Services:

LifeX provides a variety of shared supplies for homes with Plus Services only. These are primarily products that are needed on a daily basis. For example, this could be detergent, toilet paper, coffee, tea, etc.


The count is done every four weeks by the housekeeper. We only restock when multiple supplies are missing so it makes sense to get a full restock delivered. We do not restock if only a few items are missing. In that case, members should reach out to us in the app to check if they can buy the items themselves and get refunded afterward.

The amount of supplies restocked is calculated based on the occupancy of your home. If some things happen to run out while you had a full restock, then members should buy them themselves (and LifeX does not refund) until there is a new restocking.

Please note: LifeX does not take individual requests from members on the products provided. Should members be in need of a specific kind of product, they must buy this themselves.

➡️ LifeX has made a list of the supplies provided, which you can find here.

Regular Services:

‼️ We only provide cleaning products in our Regular services homes !!

So how does it work here?

Members provide the cleaning supplies for the housekeeper. Discuss with your housemates, an effective way to share the costs and the purchasing of supplies so that your housekeeper is fully stocked up with the provisions they need to do their job!

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