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What time can you move into your new home

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Our members usually move into their new homes on the 1st of the month. The move-in time is from 3 PM in all our cities when moving in on the 1st of the month and any other day of the month. This allows us to make sure your room is ready for you.

If you wish to move in before 3 PM, you need to contact the LifeX team via the app to check with us if it is possible. We cannot guarantee that it is possible, but feel free to check with us.

Please note that fee (from 500DKK/€75/£70) might apply if you move into the room prior to 3 PM without permission from the LifeX team.

Moving in date after the contract start-date is possible. You should inform the team if you already know you will move in later so we can make sure the keys are still available for you.

Kindly note that the room is cleaned according to your contract start date and not the move-in date, so there might be a bit of dust if you move-in after your contract start date.

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