It is good to plan your arrival around the move in times corresponding to
the city you are moving to. See below for the different check-in times:

  1. Copenhagen: Whenever (we use a key sharing platform)

  2. Berlin: 11AM - 6PM 

  3. Munich: 11AM - 6PM

  4. Paris: 11AM - 6PM

  5. Vienna: 10AM-6PM

  6. London: 11AM - 6PM

Important notes:

  1. If your arrival time is outside of these hours, then unless otherwise specially arranged with the community manager, we require that you find an alternative accommodation until the next applicable check in times. 

  2. We don’t do check-ins on public holidays or weekends 

  3. The move in date is not necessarily the same as the contract date, so please coordinate this with your community manager

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