One of the perks about living in LifeX apartments is that you are not bound to one room, apartment or city. If you have seen an apartment that you like more than your current one, found members you click with more, or have a job opportunity in one of our other cities, then it is possible to move around internally. 

Here's how to do it: 

  1. Reach out to our inbound / member evaluation team that you are interested in moving, and they will guide you with further steps. You can email them here: [email protected]
  2. Join the slack group: #[city initials]_membermove to see upcoming availabilities 
  3. Browse vacant rooms on our website and request a new room from there. 

LifeX members have an advantage over new members when it comes to room and apartment changes, as they are prioritized within the first week of each month. Therefore, please be quick in telling us when you want to move and we'll make sure to help you prioritize your move.

Member move policies

Regardless if the move is within the apartment, individuals still need to:

  1. Sign a new contract
  2. Be out of the current room by 9AM in order for the cleaners to prepare the room for the new members 
  3. Respect our member move policy: you can move to a different apartment every 3 months you've stayed in one apartment. If you move to a new apartment you have to stay there for minimum 2 months (independent of the LifeX minimum stay).

About deposit

When you have signed a new contract, you do NOT need to pay the deposit once more. Your current deposit will be moved to your current room. (This is of course not the case if something in your previous room was broken or destroyed. It would be accessed by the operations team to see how much would be deducted). 

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