*Please note, that due to the lockdown, there are certain restrictions and changes regarding our events*

The main purpose of community events is to enable LifeX members across apartments to meet and mingle.

As the community is a core foundation for LifeX, we want to use these events and activities to allow people to share interests, make new friends, expand their networks, find people with similar hobbies, and just have fun. The events run continuously throughout the year and vary in size, price and duration.

🥳 What events can I expect?

The rule of thumb is to have four big LifeX organised events (for example, Easter celebrations, sports day, cultural excursions, and Christmas dinners) and then various smaller, spontaneous ones in between (like cocktail nights, climbing, picnics and halloween parties). In addition to these, we also highly encourage and welcome members to arrange anything they believe could be interesting and fun for the community - no idea is a stupid idea - and LifeX will be happy to give a helping hand in arranging it!

🎟 Where can I find LifeX hosted events?

We have two main types of events: LifeX organised events and LifeX sponsored activities.

LifeX organised events: are fully organised by the LifeX team (e.g. Ice Skating, New Member Events, Poker Night)

LifeX sponsored activities: you get the supplies, we reimburse you up to a specific budget to do the event - this is typically as a house event (e.g. pumpkin carving, painting with Bob Ross, or Christmas dinner)

You can find both in the LifeX membership app

📢 Can I organise events myself?

Of course you can! The LifeX app allows you to organise events within your household or within the various interest groups. Simply click on 'Host an event' in the respective group, fill in all the details, your audience, and have fun! Please note, that these are on your expense, unless approved by LifeX.

🙋 Do you have a cool activity you would like to organise?

This is awesome! LifeX can help by reimbursing some of the cost of organising community events. You can send you proposal to [email protected].

❓I have a question

You can always reach out to us through chat in the LifeX app.

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