This article will help you in case there is a sudden power cut in your apartment.

👇 Before you try to fix the issue, check the following:

  1. Check the LifeX app, we announce any planned power cuts to different apartments as soon as we get the message from our landlords.

  2. Check if the whole apartment is out of electricity or only in certain areas.

  3. Check if the whole building is out of electricity or only your apartment by going to the hallway outside and try to turn on the lights there.

The whole building is without power 🤔

If there is no power in the hallways outside of your apartment, then it means that this whole building or area is affected by a power outage. A power line was cut during work in the area and that an even larger area may be affected.


You can find out all current power outages in the interactive map at Radius. 👈

Click on the red lightning bolt and it will also show you when the work is expected to be back or completed.

If both you and your neighbors are cut off from the electricity, and the interruption does not appear on the map, then you should inform us or call Radius's emergency number on +45 - 70 20 58 00. It may take some time from when you experience an acute power outage until it is registered on Radius's website.

Our apartment is the only one without power 😯

If the power outage only affects your apartment, it may be because the electricity meter has been disconnected. It could also be a faulty device (e.g. a new kettle or small home appliance) that has blown a fuse or caused your HFI / HPFI switch to turn off.

So, what should I do? 🤔

  • If you've got an electricity meter with a digital screen. Take a look at your meter.

  • If there's no red light and the screen is off, contact Radius to find out what to do next.

  • If either the red light or the screen is on, it's time to check your fuse box. Please contact LifeX in the app.

  • If you know how to replace the fuse, you can follow the video below (you can change subtitles to English)

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