👇 Before you try to fix the issue, check the following:

  1. Check the LifeX app, we announce any planned construction works near different apartments as soon as we get a message from our landlords.

  2. Check in the below link if the ongoing construction is a municipality permitted road construction work.

  3. According to Danish laws, construction is allowed to begin at 7 AM. If you could provide proof of noise before 7 AM and you would like to report it, then you should send it our way and we will submit this evidence to the landlord to ensure the construction work only starts past 7 AM.

Ongoing road construction work map in Copenhagen

  1. Please follow this link here to see the current status of all construction work in the city. Find more info simply by typing in your home address in the search bar.

  2. If your apartment is in the affected areas, you will be able to see updates regarding when the construction will be completed when you click on the triangle sign.

🤔 So, what can I do?

  • In the case of construction work, usually, there's nothing LifeX can do. Therefore, no discounts would be handed out from our side as it is out of our control. However, we could offer members earplugs or we can offer a room swap under some really bad circumstances.

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