LifeX always strives to provide the best possible internet connection in your home, however, sometimes we are restricted by our third-party internet providers.

👇 Take a look at the below instructions when it comes to problems with the internet

Before you try to fix the issue, check the following:

  1. Check the LifeX app for any announcements regarding the internet outage due to scheduled maintenance work in your apartment or area.

  2. Check the router and make sure that the lights are on.

  3. Check the wifi access points in your apartment (they may come in different shapes)👇 and make sure they are plugged in.

If there are issues with the wifi after checking the above, then a simple router reset can usually resolve the issue.

How to reset your router?

  1. Look at the back of the router for a small hole with the word RESET.

  2. Find a small paper clip/pen and stick it into the hole to reach the reset button.

  3. Press down that reset button for 10 seconds and do not let go.

  4. The router lights will blink and you should only see the power light being on.

  5. Once it has fully rebooted, the router is back to its original factory default settings.

  6. When the router is up and running, hold down the Wi-Fi button, which turns off the router's Wi-Fi, since this will interfere with the access points.

🤔 So, what can I do?

If the internet still has not come back after you reset the router, it might be worth-while seeing if there are any urgent interruptions due to emergency or ongoing operational cases from the internet provider's side. Sometimes, urgent interruptions do not give the providers enough time to communicate with us, but in such cases, you can expect that the internet will be back within a few hours. You could always find the information on most of the ongoing cases listed on the websites below:

  1. Hiper Routers

  2. 4G routers with SIM cards from 3

  3. 5G routers with SIM cards from Telmore

😫 My internet is back now, but it is still really unstable

In order to pass on the exact issue to our internet provider, we need to have all the information regarding when it happens, where in your apartment it happens, and how often it occurs.

Please run a speed test on your devices (simply google "speed test" and you will find many free websites to do so) and send us a screenshot to show us the download/upload speed over the LifeX app. Also, kindly explain a bit more what exactly is the problem (e.g., the internet completely off, it drops in and out, it is very slow).

If you still do not have connections after going over the above steps, please feel free to reach out to us through the chat function in the LifeX app.

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