A bit of information about our key pickup procedure 🔑

We use a key exchange system called Sharebox. These boxes are located in several 7-elevens around Copenhagen. The specific address for your pickup location is going to be Istedgade 2.

The address will be indicated in the Sharebox app.

What are the steps to picking up my keys?

  1. Download the Sharebox app

  2. Make sure the phone number you use to create your account is the same one you communicated to LifeX. We will send you an email a few days before your move-in for this.

  3. You will get a notification on the app when the key is placed and ready for you to pick it up, as well as the Sharebox code to open it. The key will be available the day before your move-in.

  4. When you pick up the key: the key(s) will be placed in an envelope with your name on it in the Sharebox indicated on the app.

  5. ⚠️ When opening the Sharebox, multiple envelopes might be there, so make sure to take the envelope with your name on it.

Any issues getting the keys on a weekend, please reach out to us on the emergency number in the app.

For further information, you can also check this guide.

We hope you enjoy your stay at LifeX!

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