Fair Usage Policies
What is our Fair Usage Policy and how can I implement it?
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πŸ€” What is a Fair Usage Policy?

It is a policy that we designed to ensure that the performance of our services received by the majority of our members, is not negatively impacted by extremely heavy usage of a small minority of our members.

To give an example, you share an internet connection with your housemates, and if one user is constantly downloading heavy files, it will slow down the connection for other members who are connected at the same time. Heavy use of services goes beyond the internet and can also have a very negative impact on the environment.

πŸ““ LifeX Fair Usage Policies


In order to accommodate everyone, we do need to restrict the use of the following in private rooms: kitchen appliances, excessive additional lightning, excessive music equipment, personal heaters, personal servers, bitcoin mining. Too many running appliances draw high amps at the same time and can result in a short circuit or fire. If any appliances are shown to be the cause of any issue, the member will be held responsible.

All of our apartments are equipped with all appliances needed when sharing the space with other people. If you feel like there is anything missing, or have suggestions then please feel free to send us a message.


We are dependent on the already existing infrastructure in the building for providing internet. Through this, we always get the best possible solution available. Whenever possible, our apartments have Fibre or COAX connections, but if this is not possible we are restricted to DSL or mobile routers connections.

Our internet is provided by 3rd party service providers who have their own fair usage policies. These policies include a limit on excessive data use at peak times so there is enough bandwidth for everyone online; also to ensure minimal impact on broadband performance. This fair usage policy can reduce your download speed at peak times.

To accommodate everyone in your apartment and prevent any restrictions from our service providers, we recommended no heavy usage during peak times. This to ensure that the service received by the vast majority of our members is not negatively impacted because of extremely heavy usage by a very small minority of members. Furthermore, we remind that illegal downloading like peer to peer and streaming expose members to penal sanctions and that any responsibility of such activity is worn by the member.

Electricity, heating, water

All of our contracts are all-included and we will take care of all of the hassles. However, we are monitoring the usage to ensure that your energy and water usage is not excessive and kept within reasonable and sensible limits. As we are ensuring there is no unnecessary wastage of energy we might reach out to you if we see any outliers.

Please be considerate when using energy both for yourself and for the planet. Turn off the radiator when leaving your room, close windows while radiators are on, consider how long you need to shower, etc.

❓ If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions regarding the above, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via the LifeX member app.

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