⚙️ What is the process?

  1. Issue/problem occurs.

  2. Report it via the chat in the app in the "Support" tab (see screenshots below).

  3. Make sure the issue hasn't been reported already ("Current issues" under the "Support" tab).

  4. Our support team will create a ticket if we can help with the problem. Provide details, send pictures and videos. It can be very helpful to understand the details and resolve the issue quicker.

  5. Follow updates from the Operations team on the ticket created in the app.

  6. If the issue got resolved in the meantime - send us a message or close the ticket yourself.

  7. If you need to tell us additional information, you can reach out again via the chat.

  8. Once the issue is solved, the ticket will be closed by our team and you can rate your satisfaction with the resolution via the app.

⏳ How fast are issues resolved?

  • It depends on the type of issue and how many issues have been reported.
    Very critical issues like water leaks must be reported and will be addressed very quickly.

  • Generally, we prioritize issues that are critical for everyday life and well-being first.

  • In some cases, we need to involve the apartment owner, landlord etc. In such cases, we will take the conversation, but it may take us longer to solve.

🛠 What type of issues can LifeX help with?

  • We will make sure to assist if something is broken or missing in the apartment, e.g. broken microwave, heating not working, missing or broken plates/glasses etc.

  • Please note, we will not be able to come to fix your personal items (e.g. your own coffee machine)

Read more about our Operations team and their services here.

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