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Trash and Recycling - Copenhagen

πŸ‡©πŸ‡° How to recycle? Who takes care of taking the trash out? How to return "Pant" bottles?

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Recycling trash bins

All our homes have recycling containers at your disposal in the kitchen.

In order to gain space, some homes with Regular services might have the most common trash (bio waste, general waste), however recycling is still required.

Please take a look at the basic illustrations for the recycling signs in your city below and visit the websites provided for more information before you take action. You can find out more πŸ‘‰ here.

How to return Pant?

In Denmark, there is a bottle return system called the Pant system. When you purchase certain products, you pay a deposit (Pant) for the bottle or can. When you return the empty bottle, you get your deposit back. This encourages people to return their empty bottles. The empty bottles are then reused or recycled.

How to identify the Pant?

You can recognize Pant bottles/cans by looking at their labels, usually near the barcode: Pant A, Pant B, Pant C.

Where to return Pant?

β€’ Supermarket: look for bottle return machines. They are either near the entrance, or at the back of the store. The machine will print a coupon that can be exchanged at the cash register.

Other bottles/cans?

If you don't see the Pant logo, that means those containers should be thrown into the right bins, so either glass, containers or metal containers.

Who takes care of sorting and taking the trash out?

Members have the full responsibility to properly sort the waste in the correct trash bins. The housekeeper will not re-sort if it is not properly done beforehand, and that could lead to trash bins not being taken out.

Housekeepers take out the trash on their designated cleaning days only.

When the trash is full outside of those days, please take it down to the courtyard into the trash containers yourself.

Housekeepers do not take care of the Pant. Housekeepers will not take care of overflowing trash bins, full bags/bins, or too heavy bags, extra cleaning due to private parties. Please reach out to us if you have more questions.

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