It's important to defrost your fridge and freezer to avoid the drawers getting stuck, but moreover, it will operate more efficiently and more sustainably.

Despite the process being simple, our housekeepers unfortunately can not take care of the defrosting of your fridge or freezer as it takes some time.

Thankfully, we have a very useful guide explaining how to defrost your fridge and freezer.

🧊 Defrosting procedure:

What will you need: a large container, clean cloths, dishwashing product, warm water.

  • Empty your freezer and take this opportunity to throw away any items that are overdue being thrown out.

  • Take the shelves and drawers out and put a bowl of warm water in the fridge/freezer- it will speed up the melting process.

  • Put towels and cloths around the fridge to soak up the melted ice if needed.

  • And now, wait for the ice to melt. You can change the bowl of warm water regularly to speed up the process.

  • Once the ice is completely melted, clean up the surfaces of the freezer, and place the shelves and drawers back inside.

  • Now your fridge is as good as new!

You can also find some explanatory videos if you'd rather have visual support. Check this video out!

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