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The Operations team & maintenance services

πŸ›  What is the Operations team? What do they do? What are the prioritisation and resolution of the issues?

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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”§ Who is the Operations team?

Not all heroes wear capes. Our operations team has the on-the-ground heroes taking care of issues in your home. Whether it's a loose door handle or a broken appliance, the Operations team will assess and hopefully fix the issue for you and your housemates.

We do still expect our members to try and resolve issues before reporting them, and if not possible, then to cooperate with our teams to find the most efficient solutions possible.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» How does issue resolution work?

  • You should report an issue to the support team via the app as explained here.

  • The support team will ask for further information, including pictures/videos for assessment.

  • If the issue is not easily resolvable by members or by a further explanation from the support team, then a ticket will be created for the Operations team.

  • The Operations team will assess the best solution to the ticket and will take necessary action where possible.

  • The Operations team will provide update the members on the issue in the app directly. You can find the current issues under the "Support" tab and "Current issues".

When we want to make sure an issue is resolved:

  • We might ask you if the issue is fixed after having a technician coming

  • We ask you to confirm within a few days if the issue is once and for all resolved

    • If no, you should contact us in the app and we will follow up

    • If yes, you should close the ticket by clicking on the issue, 3 dots on the top right and "close issue"

❗️ If we don't hear from you after 3 days, we will consider the issue as resolved and we will close the ticket ❗️

βœ… What type of issues do the operations team help with?

  • If something LifeX has originally supplied in the apartment is broken, missing or is not working as intended, then LifeX will take action to seek repair or replacement. This includes the infrastructure of the home itself too.

❌ What type of issues can the operations team not help with?

  • Missing or broken personal items.

  • Changing/adding furniture, appliances, decorations etc, for aesthetic purposes or for personal preferences.

βš–οΈ Issue prioritisation:

The operations team are working on issues across all homes in your city. Therefore, they need to prioritise.

  • Prioritisation depends on the type of issue and how many issues have been reported.
    Very critical issues like water leaks or electricity shortages must be reported and will be addressed very quickly.

  • We prioritize issues that are critical for your everyday life and wellbeing first (e.g. broken appliance).

⏳ Issue resolution:

  • We typically don't provide timeframes in terms of issue resolution, but rest assured we act as fast as possible with the resources we have.

  • The Operations team will keep you updated on the issue through the app every step of the way.

  • Many issues might require involvement from our landlord and/or other third parties (eg. technician, plumber etc). This slows down the process and is out of our control. We hope members understand that we can only resolve issues as quickly as our partners cooperate with us.

🚨 LifeX emergency number:

  • We have an emergency number for each city in case of top-priority issues (water leak, no electricity, no water etc).

  • ❗️Kindly note you can call us at any time in case of emergency. However, if you call outside of business hours, our teams will do their best to liaise with potential technicians, but will not physically come to take care of the issue themselves.

We hope this helps to give you a better understanding of our Operations team and their services. If you have any further questions, check our articles or reach out to us in the app.

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