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What is the TV License? Does LifeX covers the cost?

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📺 What is it?

You can also find it under of those names: Rundfunkbeitrag / ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice

It's an individual contribution for citizens to help finance the news and entertainment programming produced by public broadcasters to ensure a diverse selection of high-quality programs is available for all on TV, radio and online.

💰 Does LifeX cover the cost?

We do cover the cost!

What do I do when I receive the letter?

  1. Each member who registers in Germany will receive a letter with the ADR fee.

  2. The reference number you should use on the form to let them know this has been covered already and you do not need to pay for it is: 477522757 under LifeX Community GmbH.

  3. You can either send it back by post (at ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservices, 50439 Köln, DE) or do it online ( by entering the code written on the top of the page.

Here's an example of the letter:

Contact us via the chat if you're having any difficulties!

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