LifeX is your home. Housekeepers come regularly, but can't do it all by themselves. We expect members to keep their home tidy and clean to ensure the best co-living experience for all.

Note: Kindly note this information is subject to change depending on the apartment you live in. For further information, you should check your Apartment information in the Apartment tab in the app.

Housekeeping Services Take Place Twice Weekly*

Hours are based on occupancy and sqm, and are distributed as follows:

  • shared spaces are cleaned once a week

  • private rooms (including ensuite bathrooms) are cleaned once a week

  • shared bathrooms are cleaned twice a week - only for our Full Services homes, check below what is included in our Regular services homes.

Please always leave your room door slightly ajar on the private room cleaning day so that our housekeepers can know that they are allowed to enter and clean the room. Otherwise, they will not enter and will not clean your room. Please ensure your room is not too messy as the housekeepers won’t be able to clean the room properly in this case.

Note: housekeepers will follow the tasks according to the LifeX cleaning schedule only. Housekeepers’ hours are fixed and are not expected to clean up dirty dishes or after members’ parties.

*Housekeeping Services Subject to Changes

Our housekeeping schedule is based on the sqm of the home and also the level of occupancy. So if the property is not fully occupied, our housekeeping schedule will be altered to meet these cleaning requirements (ie. Housekeeping once a week, or less hours per visit). The occupancy is checked consistently and we will do our best to adjust the schedule as soon as possible according to any changes. Extreme changes such as housekeeping 2 times per week down to 1 time per week will be communicated.

Our housekeeping services are also generally subject to changes depending on the availability of our housekeepers. In the event of a cancellation due to sickness reasons, LifeX will arrange for a replacement service as available and convenient. Any change will be communicated accordingly.

No Housekeeping on Public Holidays

During public holidays such as Easter, Christmas, and New Year, LifeX staff (including housekeepers) will not be working. Therefore there will be no housekeeping on these days and a new housekeeping schedule will be communicated accordingly.

Missed cleaning days
In the event that you don’t receive housekeeping services for more than 1 day within two weeks in a row, you will be refunded for those missed days.

However, this refund excludes situations such as not being able to find a last-minute housekeeper replacement due to illness or leave (if it's only for 1 day), or a long weekend during which the housekeeping schedule can’t be rearranged. You can read more here.

Housekeeping services set the baseline of cleanliness in the apartment

As a member you should always clean up after yourself when using the kitchen for cooking, using the bathroom, etc. Remember, you are sharing the house with other individuals, so make sure to keep it a respectable, clean and cozy home. 🙂 Also, don't leave dirty dishes in the sink or in any shared space. Housekeepers come to clean the apartment - not to wash dishes 😉

Deep cleaning request

Members have to request deep cleaning through the app. Read more here.


Check the list below to see what gets cleaned every week (subject to change)

Kindly note that only Common areas are cleaned in our Regular homes - you should take into account the list for the kitchen, common bathrooms and living room.

👨‍🍳️ Kitchen:

  • Loading and unloading of the dishwasher

  • Cleaning of the sink

  • Cleaning of all surfaces including stove

  • Emptying bins and recycling bins. Read more here.

  • Cleaning of table surfaces

  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor

  • Dusting

  • Washing the hand towels

🛋 Common areas ( Living room, Entrance, Laundry Room, Dining Room):

  • Cleaning the coffee tables, dining tables, window sills, shelves & surfaces

  • Vacuuming and mopping

  • Dusting

  • Watering the plants

🛁 Bathrooms (only concerns common bathrooms- ensuite bathrooms are not cleaned)

  • Cleaning of the toilet

  • Cleaning of the sink

  • Cleaning of the shower and bath (*please remove all personal belongings from the shower, bath or basins)

  • Cleaning of all surfaces

  • Refilling the hand soap, toilet paper and toilet tabs

  • Emptying the bin

  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor

  • Washing the bath mats (*every two weeks)

  • Dusting

  • Washing the towels

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