👋 What is a welcome dinner?

When a new member moves into a LifeX apartment, that apartment is prompted to arrange a welcome dinner for everyone to sit down and get to know each other properly (the date/time for this dinner should be organised between the members in the apartment). You can communicate this in your house group in the LifeX app (find it under the community tab).

🤷‍♀️ What is the deal?

Each house is entitled to have up to 2 welcome dinners per month, depending on the number of new members who move in that month.

  1. Any month 1 new member moves in = budget of DKK75/€10/£10 per person total that month.

  2. Any month 2 + new members move in = budget of DKK150/€20/£20 per person total that month. It is up to you if you wish to have one big dinner, or separate dinners, the total budget remains however. Please note that a new couple counts as one 'new member' in this context.

  3. You must request reimbursement for the welcome dinner in the app within 2 months of moving in, otherwise you will not be reimbursed.

To clarify, this is to say that if you have multiple new members move in on a particular month, no matter how many there are (exception of couples), there is only a budget for up to two dinners that month. You can either have two separate dinners at the budget of DKK75/€10/£10 per person, or you can also choose to combine the two dinners together into one bigger budgeted dinner.

If the expense exceeds the above listed budgets, please be aware that LifeX will not cover the exceeded amount.


🍴We had the dinner, so what now?

Read about how to get reimbursed for the welcome dinner here.

Lastly and most importantly, have fun, get creative and feel free to send us pictures, we love to see what our members get up to 😀

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