As a LifeX member, we expect you to treat your house as your own home. There are therefore certain actions you will be held responsible for, that might include deductions from your deposit.

🙋 You are responsible for the costs of replacement/repair/cleaning of:

  1. Any damage due to intentional acts or gross negligence in any of the LifeX properties. This includes stains, wear and tear etc.

  2. You are responsible for leaving your room in the same condition you received it.

    In the event that you unfortunately break, damage, or lose something in the apartment or your room that belongs to LifeX, charges may apply depending on the cost of repair or replacement.

  3. If you have a guest over at a LifeX property, and they cause any above damages.

    👍What you are NOT responsible for:

  1. Normal wear and tear on any furniture, equipment, machines, furnishings, etc.

  2. Any accidental breakage of LifeX property that are under 200DKK/30EUR/30GBP (glasses, plates chipping, etc).

🛄 When you move out:

You are responsible for leaving your room in the same condition that you found it, including:

  1. If you paint your room.

  2. If you make holes in the walls and don’t cover them properly again.

  3. If there are any stains/rips on the bedding, walls, or any furniture.

  4. If you leave personal belongings in your room that require extra cleaning.

  5. Fill in the Google form sent in the move-out procedure email and upload pictures/videos of your room on the day you leave. This will be useful in case of dispute over damaged/missing items post-checkout (no need to send this to us, this is just for your security in the case that we reach out regarding a fee).

💸 How much am I liable for damages?

It depends on the item itself and its brand. We don't have the same products in all of our rooms, so it's on a case-by case. We will notify you directly of the price in our message.

Post check-out fees may also apply:

  • Leaving any personal belongings in the kitchen when you move out: from 500DKK/€75/£70.

  • Leaving any personal belongings in the bathroom when you move out: from 500DKK/€75/£70.

  • Leaving any personal belongings in your room when you move out: from 500DKK/€75/£70.

  • If you lose your key- the full cost of changing the locks (also applicable while still living in LifeX). You can check the applicable fees in case of broken or lost keys here.

  • Personal belongings left behind in the apartment after check-out: from 200DKK/€25/£20 per storage day.

  • Late check-out past move-out times: from 300 DKK/room

Please note those prices are subject to change depending on the set of keys lost or broken.

⛑️ Insurance:

LifeX does not have insurance covering members' personal items. If you wish to insure your personal items as a member you can choose your own insurance package. LifeX only has insurance covering loss or damages to content owned by LifeX caused by unavoidable events such as water, fire, or theft.

🏦 Refund of deposit:

We typically refund the deposit on the 10th of the month after your contract has ended and we have inspected your check-out.

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