We've created a LifeX member app used as the central point for finding anything related to your LifeX membership. Download the app here.

📲 Walkthrough tab by tab


  • Find information from the Operations team concerning your apartment

    • Cleaning schedule, linen change day, reminders of appointments

  • General information from LifeX, from members

    • Events, referral reminders, members' posts ...

  • Browse LifeX events and create your own


  • Keep you updated on what's going on in LifeX and within our community

  • Reminders for our sponsored events, and past events

  • Posts from members keen to organize events themselves

  • Join interest groups and post in your house group (My Groups)


  1. Support

  • Reach out to us through the chat, under Support < Get help & chat with us

  • Send a new message and find your previous conversations

  • Have a look at our complete FAQ

2. Tickets

  • Find the current tickets opened in your home and follow their updates

  • You can also find the resolved issues

💡 Did you know? You can close an issue yourself but clicking on the 3 dots < Close issue

My apartment

  • Find practicalities about your apartment under Apamarment info

  • Learn more about your housemates

  • Read the building and LifeX rules


  • Complete your profile

  • View your stay under Membership

    • You can terminate your stay here and see your invoices

  • Have a direct access to our FAQ

  • Report us a bug

How to sign into member app first time

🔧 If you are having trouble signing into the app or it simply doesn't work, please reach out to [email protected] and we will help with resolving the issue.

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