When to move out?

Please clean up and move out of the room latest by 8.30 AM on the day of your move out. The reason for this set time is that we need to make sure the cleaners have time to clean the room before the new member moves in. In the scenario that you plan on moving out earlier, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

What do you need to do?

Please make sure that you have emptied and cleaned your: 

  1. Private room

  2. Kitchen drawer

  3. Bathroom drawer

  4. Fridge and freezer drawer

  5. Basement storage area you used

Where should you leave the key?

Please leave your key in your room, on the desk. 

What to do with your linen and towels?

Remove your dirty linen and towels and place them on your bed.

In Copenhagen: place them in the Berendsen bag.

Change your registered address:

A few days before (or after) you move out, please remember to deregister your address from the LifeX apartment in order to be sure all your mail will be forwarded to your new address.

LifeX does not take responsibility for keeping/redelivering mail or packages that get delivered to the apartment once you have moved out.

How to terminate your stay?

Read more about termination contract here.

How do you get your deposit back?

Please read here about what you should provide us with to get your deposit back. The deposit is returned around ten days after the contract end date.

In short: Leave your room in the same state as you got it, don't take anything from the room (including hangers, pictures and accessories), empty your belongings in the common areas (including fridges and shelves), leave the key, provide the proof of your address change and bank details.

Liabilities and fees:

Fill in the Google form sent in the move-out procedure email and upload pictures/videos of your room on the day you leave. This will be useful in case of dispute over damaged/missing items post-checkout (no need to send this to us, this is just for your security in the case that we reach out regarding a fee).

Read more about your liabilities, damages and fees here

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